Candy Coma

I've always loved halloween. Even more now that I've got a little girl that is so excited to dress up in her little costume! Once she got the hang of running up to the door, saying "trick or treat" and then someone hands you CANDY! She was pretty excited. We were working on her saying thankyou but instead she would hold the candy up and ask the candy-giver "WHAT'S THIS"? She wanted to know what each individual piece was before it went into her little bag. Sigh.

Lucy decided long ago that she wanted to be Ming Ming the duck from Wonderpets. She was determined. Until her duck costume came in the mail and I tried it on her and she was certain to never put that costume back on. So she decided that being a super kitty / wonderpet would be her costume of choice. Two is fun.

We also spent the day doing fun things like making pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pancakes and dancing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller.

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