Winter in Michigan.

Mid February and it seems like it is never going to come to an end. Even though I take every supplement in the book to fight it, it brings me down. I need the sun. I crave the warmth.

But today my spirits were lifted. We escaped the confines of this house to enjoy some time outside. The sun was shining and even though the temps are barely getting over 20 degrees it feels like a heatwave when it has been in the negatives for so many weeks. I woke up this morning to songbirds. They seem to have come back so that means it isn't too much longer and we will feel the warmth again.


the perils of potty training

I don't really like the term "potty training". It sounds so harsh. But I don't know what else to call it so potty training it is.

There are so many methods to accomplish your goal. Pee and Poop in the toilet instead of a diaper. Everyone accomplishes this goal differently as every kid and ever parent is different so obviously you have to do what is best for you.

Here's what has worked for us. Did I mention Lucy has been diaper free during the day for over 2 weeks? woohoo! yea! So all that second-guessing myself in my parenting abilities might have been wrong after all!

We've actually been "potty training" unofficially for about 6 months. Sometime before Lucy's second birthday I bought some little potties and seats to set on the big potties and started sitting her on them before and after naps, before and after bedtime, and randomly throughout the day. Sometimes she would read a book, sometimes she wouldn't want to sit there, and sometimes she would magically pee. That was reward time. Her choice was a jelly bean.

So it became a bit of a routine. No pressure. Just something we did throughout the day.

Then a few weeks ago we decided that we would take her diaper off for the day, set her on the potty more often and see how it went. It wasn't really planned, we just decided that morning as we had kind of a quiet weekend (finally) and would be home quite a bit. She had 2 accidents that morning but quickly caught on and went on the potty every time after that. That evening we were watching a movie with Lucy was sitting between us on the couch. About halfway through she said these magical words, "dad, mom, I have to go potty". I almost melted. She got it!

Because she hasn't quite figured out for sure if something needs to come out, something is coming out, or if it is just a toot, I have set up a little potty station in the kitchen. Oh, and we had a lesson in pulling down your own pants so that mommy doesn't have to come over every 5 seconds to put you on the potty when it is just a toot. I am also learning to not be embarrassed when we are in public and she announces "Mom, I have a big poop coming out!" Or a term my wonderful husband taught her "Mom, I need to lay a big brown egg!"

So it hasn't been totally smooth sailing for the past two weeks. I had to get over my paranoia about leaving the house with her in panties instead of that diaper that soaks all of that gross stuff up. She's been fine. I've been fine. She actually likes going into public bathrooms, making a nest out of a toilet paper and having mommy hover her over the potty. It's like a fun adventure.

Here's the only problem I've faced so far. Leaving her in a setting where there are a bunch of other kids and only a couple of caretakers. For example: I go to a tuesday morning bible study and she is in child care, we have MOPS meetings ever other thursday and she is in child care, and she goes into the nursery every sunday morning. I would have never understood until I worked in the nursery for the first time this sunday morning. It is nearly impossible to get the potty trainers taken care of. It is nearly impossible to keep them all happy while keeping your own sanity in there. (child care was obviously not my calling in life) I doubt if Lucy is ready to speak up to a stranger to tell them that she needs to go. We'll work through it.

So, all in all I would consider this past few weeks a success. I totally expect to hit a few bumps in the road along the way (read: peeing on the floor at Rudy's market). They happen. I'm learning to go with the flow, have back up clothes and not stress out about accidents.

I deserve a treat.


Candy Coma

I've always loved halloween. Even more now that I've got a little girl that is so excited to dress up in her little costume! Once she got the hang of running up to the door, saying "trick or treat" and then someone hands you CANDY! She was pretty excited. We were working on her saying thankyou but instead she would hold the candy up and ask the candy-giver "WHAT'S THIS"? She wanted to know what each individual piece was before it went into her little bag. Sigh.

Lucy decided long ago that she wanted to be Ming Ming the duck from Wonderpets. She was determined. Until her duck costume came in the mail and I tried it on her and she was certain to never put that costume back on. So she decided that being a super kitty / wonderpet would be her costume of choice. Two is fun.

We also spent the day doing fun things like making pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pancakes and dancing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller.



Do I believe in miracles?

I know this might be a bit heavy for this silly little blog but it is what is on my mind (a lot lately, actually) and It's my blog so I can talk about whatever I want.

I got to go to Bible study this morning. I never pictured myself as the go-to-bible-study-during-the-morning-on-tuesdays kind of a girl but here I am. Going to a ladies Bible study on tuesday morning as long as I'm not at work which has actually worked out pretty well (which might be a miracle in it's self).

We had a special speaker this morning. The pastor of the church where the bible study is held. I basically haven't stopped tearing up since he spoke. He told the story of his mom passing away. He was 12 when she was diagnosed with cancer, watched her suffer through surgeries and treatments until the doctors told them that there was nothing left they could do. She went home with the expectation to die in two years. She didn't die in two years. Actually, the cancer went away. The doctor called it a miracle. God answered the prayers of many and performed a miracle on her. She went on to live for 17 more years, saw both of her sons get married and then the cancer came back and she was gone within six months.

So of course this got me thinking about my own mom's passing (hence the tears). I've never really thought of my mother passing away as a miracle. I've been so focused on not having my mother (more now than ever since I've had my own little girl). But then it hit me. My mother nearly lost her life when I was only two. I would have never known her. I was given 8 more years with her. I got to know her and I have the most amazing memories of her. Praise God!

It is so easy to be negative, down, frustrated. Why me, God? If you are in control then why would you let this happen? Why would you let my father raise us on his own? Why would my mother never get to meet her granddaughter?

But I do believe that my God is in control. With my human mind I can't even imagine what He has planned for me or for us. But he let me know my mother and have time with her.

And she was amazing. And she is in heaven. And I will see her again.



Dear little miss personality,

I can't believe some of the things that come out of your mouth. You keep us on our toes, little girl. Here a glimpse of you at just about 27 months.

You love to pretend that a deer is coming to get you. You shout "there's a deer over there!", scream and run away telling me that you're scared of deer. I have no idea where this came from. You have also told me on several occasions that deer eat people.

You have a very sensitive nose and gag reflex. Not a great combination for a little girl. You won't eat dinner if Winston is near because you say "he's gross". When we go to the farm every week to pick up are vegetables you gag the whole time we're in the barn.

You love the cartoon Wonderpets. You can sing the entire theme song. Very loudly sometimes. You run around saving baby animals with your flyboat that your daddy got for you. And when I asked you what you wanted to dress up as for Halloween you quickly responded "ming ming". I didn't even know that you knew about dressing up for halloween. Then you told me that daddy will be Linny and Mommy will be Tuck. Great, I can't wait to see your daddy and I as a guinea pig and a turtle.

You love to go to church. I think mostly because the nursery is stocked with lots of trucks and car toys. You love trucks, cars, tractors, etc. You get very excited to drive through a construction zone with tractors all around and you can even name what each one is. "Hey mom, there's a steam roller." "Hey mom, there's a gravel hauler."

You love sour food. Especially lemons and vinegar.

You still love your pink blanket. You would drag that thing around with you eveywhere if you could.

You are starting to interact more with your friends. At the park, you and Lena were making up little games. If you see other children you get excited to "go play with the kids".

You talk about yourself in third person. "Lucy wants to go outside", "Lucy wants you pink blanket", "Lucy gagged". I'm not really sure how to teach you me and I instead of Lucy and your. It's just too cute. You also sometimes call me honey. I must call you honey sometimes so you will say something like "whatcha doing, honey?". So cute.