Dear little miss personality,

I can't believe some of the things that come out of your mouth. You keep us on our toes, little girl. Here a glimpse of you at just about 27 months.

You love to pretend that a deer is coming to get you. You shout "there's a deer over there!", scream and run away telling me that you're scared of deer. I have no idea where this came from. You have also told me on several occasions that deer eat people.

You have a very sensitive nose and gag reflex. Not a great combination for a little girl. You won't eat dinner if Winston is near because you say "he's gross". When we go to the farm every week to pick up are vegetables you gag the whole time we're in the barn.

You love the cartoon Wonderpets. You can sing the entire theme song. Very loudly sometimes. You run around saving baby animals with your flyboat that your daddy got for you. And when I asked you what you wanted to dress up as for Halloween you quickly responded "ming ming". I didn't even know that you knew about dressing up for halloween. Then you told me that daddy will be Linny and Mommy will be Tuck. Great, I can't wait to see your daddy and I as a guinea pig and a turtle.

You love to go to church. I think mostly because the nursery is stocked with lots of trucks and car toys. You love trucks, cars, tractors, etc. You get very excited to drive through a construction zone with tractors all around and you can even name what each one is. "Hey mom, there's a steam roller." "Hey mom, there's a gravel hauler."

You love sour food. Especially lemons and vinegar.

You still love your pink blanket. You would drag that thing around with you eveywhere if you could.

You are starting to interact more with your friends. At the park, you and Lena were making up little games. If you see other children you get excited to "go play with the kids".

You talk about yourself in third person. "Lucy wants to go outside", "Lucy wants you pink blanket", "Lucy gagged". I'm not really sure how to teach you me and I instead of Lucy and your. It's just too cute. You also sometimes call me honey. I must call you honey sometimes so you will say something like "whatcha doing, honey?". So cute.

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